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  • Friday, 23. June 2017

    Ordering groceries online – a logistical challenge for retailers

    Online sales currently amount to only one percent of the market share in the grocery industry in Germany. By contrast, in other countries in Europe the percentage of turnover from online sales is already in double figures. With...[more]

    Tuesday, 25. April 2017

    Overcoming loss: national study on therapy for prolonged grief

    A specific type of psychotherapy for people suffering from prolonged grief disorder is the focus of a new national study that will be led by Prof. Dr. Rita Rosner (Chair of Clinical and Biological Psychology at the Catholic...[more]

    Wednesday, 22. March 2017

    New equipment for weather researchers on the Eichstätt campus

    Shortly before World Meteorological Day the KU began operating a new weather station built according to the standards of the German Meteorological Service, as well as a new pollen trap. Data from the latter will also be shared...[more]

    Monday, 06. March 2017

    Questionnaire for refugees based solely on images

    Psychologists at the KU are developing a questionnaire that only uses pictures to help teachers of professional integration classes learn more about the individual characteristics and requirements of their pupils, young asylum...[more]

    Thursday, 16. February 2017

    Languages as a ‘portable home’

    According to an estimate by UNESCO, half of the world’s approximately 7000 languages are at risk of dying out. In order to raise awareness of this, the United Nations began observing International Mother Language Day on February...[more]

    Monday, 06. February 2017

    End of semester concert

    Members of KU ensembles will present a diverse selection of pieces that they have been working on this semester at the end of semester concert (Wednesday, February 8, 2017, 7.30 p.m., Main Building D). In addition to instrumental...[more]

    Tuesday, 17. January 2017

    A new green screen for the KU’s Journalism department

    Fully digitalized and freshly renovated, the KU’s Media House celebrated its official re-opening . From spring to fall 2016, the facilities used by the Journalism degree program were renovated and the technical equipment in the...[more]

    Tuesday, 17. January 2017

    Internationalization of teacher training

    A group of 16 students from California State University, accompanied by professors Melinda R. Pierson and Janice Myck-Wayne (Department of Special Education), were hosted by the Chair of Elementary Education at the KU in January....[more]

    Sunday, 15. January 2017

    ‘Cine Latino’: Latin American Film Festival held for the seventh time

    From January 19 to January 24, the 7th Latin American Film festival gave cinema-goers in Eichstätt the opportunity to experience some of the latest films from and about South America. The festival was organized by 25 film-loving...[more]

    Friday, 13. January 2017

    Delegation from Chinese art academy visits the KU

    From January 10 to January 18, a delegation from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing was hosted by Prof. Dr. Rainer Wenrich (professor of art education) at the KU. The professors and four students brought with them a...[more]