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Seminar Scientific Computing

Each semester we have our weekly seminar. Talks are given by Bachelor students who present their thesis topic or people from our local math department, reporting on their newest research. Occasionally, we also have a guest of Prof. Pfander giving a talk. Everybody who is interested is warmly welcome. The seminar typically takes place from 10:30 AM to 11:59 AM in the biology room (Roomnumber: KGB-U8).


Program (SS 2018)


18 April 2018Dr. Friedrich Philipp (KU Eichstätt)


Frame Orbits of Linear Operators
24 April 2018Prof. Dr. Felix Krahmer (TU Munich)On the connection between A/D conversion and the roots of Chebyshev polynomials
02 May 2018Prof. Dr. Peter Singer (Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt)Characerization of Fourier and Wavelet Transforms
by their scaling behaviour
09 May 2018Dr. Friedrich Philipp (KU Eichstätt)


Frame Orbits of Linear Operators: Proofs
16 May 2018Sister Johanna (KU Eichstätt)Classification of subfactors: An overview
23 May 2018Stefan PautzeCyclotomic Aperiodic Substitution Tilings
29 May 2018Ilya Krishtal (Northern Illinois University)Dynamical sampling and phaseless reconstruction
30 May 2018Philipp Petersen (TU Berlin)Neural Networks and Partial Differential Equations: Challenges and Opportunities
13 June 2018Nicki Holighaus (Acoustic Research Institute, Vienna)Aspects of warped time-frequency representations


Program (WS 2017/18)

21.11.2017H. Bayindir 

Trigonometric Approximation

05.12.2017Prof. Hans-Peter Blatt (KU)Potential Theoretical Aspects in Constructive Function Theory
12.12.2017Prof. Jeffrey Hogan (Univ. of Newcastle)On the Search for Multidimensional Wavelets (Abstract)
19.12.2017Prof. Götz E. Pfander (KU)Boundedness of Pseudodifferential Operators on Modulation Spaces (Abstract)
09.01.2018Dr. Nada Sissouno (TU München)Recovery of dynamical systems using compressed sensing
16.01.2018Dr. Friedrich Philipp (KU)On the Jordan Structure of Finite Rank Perturbations of Linear Relations (Abstract)
23.01.2018Andrei Caragea (KU)Spaceability of subsets of Banach spaces
30.01.2018Dr. Volker Pohl (TU München)On the possibility to calculate the Hilbert Transform on digital computers
06.02.2018Dr. Friedrich Philipp (KU)Sums of frame sequences
13.02.2018Amit Chaulwar (CARISSMA, Technischen Hochschule Ingolstadt)Hybrid Statistical Learning Methods for the Embedded-Implementation of Vehicle Safety Functions (Abstract)
13.02.2018Parthasarathy Nadarajan (CARISSMA, Technischen Hochschule Ingolstadt)Efficient Design and Validation of Vehicle Safety Systems based on Predicted Occupancy Grids and Statistical Learning (Abstract)

Program (SS 2017)

09.05.2017Weiqi Zhou (KU)

Irregular orthonormal Gabor basis on prime dimensions

16.05.2017Dr. Dae Gwan Lee (KU)Extra invariance of Gabor spaces and the Balian-Low theorem
23.05.2017Andrei Caragea (KU)Additional invariance of Gabor spaces generated by ZxPZ and continuity of Zak transform
08.06.2017Andrei Caragea (KU)The classical Balian-Low theorem and additional time-frequency shifts in the Gabor space over ZxPZ
20.06.2017Dr. Friedrich Philipp (KU)Dynamical sampling on finite index sets
27.06.2017Prof. René Grothmann (KU)Some problems in approximation theory
29.06.2017Andrei Caragea (KU)Additional time-frequency shift by (1/2, 0) for Gabor spaces over Zx3Z
11.07.2017Andrei Caragea (KU)Finite uncertainty product and additional rational time-frequency shifts for a Gabor space
25.07.2017Dr. Van Kien Nguyen (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena)Besov spaces of dominating mixed smoothness and Gelfand numbers