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Research at the KU
Measuring work in Auwald (© KU; photographer: Peter Fischer)

Research is conducted at all of the KU’s faculties and institutes, as well as other research centers. The central institutes and research centers, as well as current research projects, demonstrate the breadth of expertise and research interests at the KU and show where its unique research strengths lie.



The Center for Research Promotion
The ZFF team (from left to right): Simone Rieger, Dr. Wolfgang Thiel, Elke Riedl, Daniel Romić

The Center for Research Promotion (ZFF) was established at the KU in April 2016. Its main task is to bring together, coordinate, and effectively support the research activities of all members of the University. Although its main focus is on topics related to initiating, securing, and implementing third-party research projects, it is also the main point of contact for all questions regarding research strategy, as well as those of a practical nature. It also supports the university management and the KU’s central committees and bodies in the management of research processes in cases where this affects major areas such as research excellence and profile development, equal opportunities, ranking positions, accreditation, or internationalization. In addition, it supervises the expansion and development of effective, competitive research infrastructure (central institutes, research centers, and departments) which contributes to the KU’s visibility and the development of its research and teaching profile, and is also available to answer questions about academic and research collaboration from university partners and other research institutions in Germany and abroad. Special attention is given to promoting young researchers by providing opportunities for them to gain further academic qualifications, work on personal development, and improve their methodological skills, and by supporting them in their independent research activities. The Center for Research Promotion aims to increase the quantity and quality of funding applications and third-party projects, in particular those supported by the German government’s and the EU’s main funding organizations.

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