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"Practices and People" Vortrag im Rahmen der Otto von Freising-Gastprofessur

Referent: Professor Dr. Theodore R. Schatzki (Professor of Geography and Philosophie, University of Kentucky),

Schatzki wird neben dem öffentlichen Gastvortrag das Lehrdeputat der Gastprofessur in Form von Blockveranstaltungen erbringen.

Das Seminar "Fortgeschrittene Prozessorientiert Soziologie / Practice Theory (Blockveranstaltung) findet am 8. und 9. Dezember von 9-18 Uhr im KGA 306 und am 11. Dezember von 8-13 Uhr im KAP 018 statt.

Das Forschungspraktikum Researching Space and Place (Kolloquium) findet vom 11. bis 14. Dezember statt.

Gasthörer können sich bei Herrn Basil Wiesse (email: basil.wiesse(at) anmelden.

Zur Person:

Ted Schatzki is Professor of Geography and Philosophy.  He is also the former Senior Associate Dean in the College of Arts & Sciences, a former Chair of the Department of Philosophy, and cofounder and former codirector of the University’s Committee on Social Theory, which oversees a multidisciplinary graduate-level teaching and research program in social thought. Schatzki earned a degree in applied mathematics from Harvard University (1977) and degrees in philosophy from Oxford University (1979) and UC Berkeley (1982, 1986).  His research interests lie in theorizing social life, and he is widely associated with a stream of thought called practice theory that is active today in a range of social disciplines, including geography, sociology, organizational studies, education, anthropology, international relations, and history.  Schatzki is the author of four books: Social Practices (1996), The Site of the Social (2002), Martin Heidegger: Theorist of Space (2007) and The Timespace of Human Activity (2010).  He has also co-edited two volumes on practice theory: The Practice Turn in Contemporary Theory (2001) and The Nexus of Practices (2017).  In addition, he is author of numerous articles on such social topics as flat ontology, social space, learning, large social phenomena, art, social change, materiality, governance, and discourses, as well as many essays on human action and on the philosophies of Wittgenstein and Heidegger,  Schatzki has been a research fellow of the Fulbright Commission and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. He has also been a visiting professor or researcher at the University of Exeter, The Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin, the Karl-Franzens University in Graz, the Institute of Advanced Studies in Vienna, Lancaster University, the University of Zurich, The Charles Sturt University in Australia, and the Catholic University Eichstaett-Ingolstadt in Germany.


Datum: Mittwoch, 13.12.17  Uhrzeit: 18:30 -  19:30
Veranstalter: Geschichts- und Gesellschaftswissenschaftliche Fakultät 
Ort: Raum 001, Ehemaliges Kapuzinerkloster, Kapuzinergasse 2, Eichstätt