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"Young people, transnational mobilities and mythologies of return"

Referentin: Dr. Caitríona Ni Laoire (University College Cork)

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International lecture series “Space – Society – Economy”

Winter Term 2017/2018
Mobility and Migration: Debates and Hot Spots, Challenges and Opportunities

Mobility and migration are key concepts for understanding the processes that shape our contemporary lives. Given the vast attention both fields are currently receiving, the international series Space – Society – Economy will provide a platform for shedding light on ongoing debates and hot spots evolving at the intersecting areas of mobility and migration. On the one hand, the lectures will focus on reasons, opportunities and challenges related to movements of people within global processes. The research presented will span from small scale to global analysis, as mobility and migration are to be understood as both transnational processes and local phenomena that are woven into people’s everyday experiences. Here, the theoretically rich and empirically informed work by guest scholars will allow insights into the complex interrelations between state power, refuge and asylum, into children’s particular experiences of mobility and migration, and into the fluid notion of home in diaspora. On the other hand, the lecture series will not focus only on people, but will also draw attention to the mobility of non-humans (e.g. animals, microbiomes). By doing so, renowned scholars will explore how these non-human-mobilities come into being, how they are entangled with and might shape human movements. Within this focus, geographies of rewilding and a more-than-human geography of global health are at the centre of the series’ interest. By approaching mobility and migration from multiple perspectives and less common angles, the winter semester’s Space – Society – Economy series encourages participants to unravel and engage with arguments presented in academic and civic debates on mobility and migration.

Datum: Mittwoch, 10.01.18  Uhrzeit: 18:00 -  19:30
Veranstalter: Professur für Wirtschaftsgeographie (KU) 
Ort: Raum 001, Ingbert-Naab-Saal, Kapuzinergasse, Eichstätt