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University students at schools

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  • The course is run in collaboration with several schools in the Eichstätt-Ingolstadt region. The accompanying practical seminar is provided by the Chairs of German Didactics and German as a Second Language at the KU. It was developed in response to the increasing number of pupils whose native language is not German and the resulting heterogeneity in the classroom.

    The particular challenge here is that teaching and learning the German language are the keys to education and integration. Students receive preparation for their time in the classroom and regularly attend seminars for academic reflection during the project phase. The course offers students the opportunity to gain practical experience that is highly relevant for their future careers, and to broaden and strengthen their abilities and skills.



Bavarian-Syrian Cookbook

  • Eva-Maria Muche, Dorey Mamou, Charlotte Meer, Janette Nissan, Sabri Mamou, Jihada Hussein, Klaus-Dieter Altmeppen, Julia Devlin



  • As a supplement to the project “HeimatTafel”, volunteers from Weilheim have developed a cookbook with Bavarian and Syrian recipes in 2017/18. The Center for Flight and Migration supported the project with translation services, in the typesetting and printing process as well as by providing financial support for the printed cookbook. On July 10, 2018, some copies of the cookbook were presented to members of the Weilheimer Tafel.

    The project “HeimatTafel”, which was initiated by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture in collaboration with the Federal association Bundesverband Deutsche Tafel e.V., enabled the Weilheimer Tafel to rent a small piece of land, where Syrian refugees had the opportunity to cultivate agricultural products. All recipes in this small cookbook largely consist of ingredients which were grown and harvested in this field.