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Initiative Group "Forced Migration and Social Transformation Processes"



This project focuses on transformation processes in society and how flows of forced migration change and reconfigure social, national, cultural, economic, and linguistic formations. We believe that it is not possible for this complex subject to be properly analyzed by individual disciplines working alone, which is why we consider it essential to take a truly interdisciplinary approach.

The transformation processes that are the object of our investigations affect dimensions of both time (change, historicity) and space (borders, heterotopias, relocation) that are manifested in culture, language, and politics. Furthermore, these processes are determined by the experience of actual contacts and strategies in encounters to a greater extent than most current phenomena. Accordingly, we aim to analyze current social and transnational processes using approaches from history, spatial human geography, social sciences, linguistics, literary studies, political science, and ethnology in a way that allows us to reveal specific aspects of the phenomenon of forced migration for the first time.