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Friday, 09. August 2019

Temporary diplomats: Students attend Model United Nations

KU students traveled to The Hague for the Model United Nations with Anne Friedrich (team member at the Professorship of Political Education; front row, second f.l.). (Photo: Natalie Joray)

Being diplomat for a day – and discussing world politics as delegates of your country: this opportunity was given to fourteen students of the course “Communication and Diplomatic Negotiations in International Relations” who...[more]

Monday, 29. July 2019

Between flight and new beginnings

The Jewish Displaced Persons camp in Eichstätt, which was largely organized and run by the inhabitants themselves, also had an own kindergarten. (Photo: Zakai/private)

A chapter of German post-war history about which little is known is now at the center of attention on the occasion of a symposium held at the KU from September 22 - 24, 2019. The conference focuses on Jewish Displaced Persons...[more]

Monday, 29. July 2019

German-American exchange on migration research

(f.r.) KU Vice President Prof. Dr. Klaus Stüwe, Prof. Dr. Mario Ortiz (Associate Provost for International Affairs, Catholic University of America, Washington D.C., USA) and Prof. Dr. Klaus-Dieter Altmeppen (Academic Director of the Center for Flight and Migration; 9 f.r.) with participants and lecturers of the first joint “Migration Studies Summer Academy“ (Photo: Schulte Strathaus/Press Office)

Since Monday this week, current research in the field of flight and migration is in the center of attention at the new Summer Academy organized by the KU and its Center for Flight and Migration together with the Catholic...[more]

Monday, 15. July 2019

Mental health of young refugees: new approach for treatment

The joint collaborative project “Better Care” led by the KU Chair of Clinical and Biological Psychology (Prof. Dr. Rita Rosner) has the aim of improving mental health treatment of unaccompanied young refugees. The research...[more]

Monday, 08. July 2019

International consortium of Catholic universities expands on collaboration

At the meeting of the “Catholic Consortium for International Higher Education Collaboration”, the KU was represented by Vice President Prof. Dr. Klaus Stüwe (7 f.l.) and Dr. Anna Marcos Nickol (Head of the International Office). (Photo: Press Office)

On the occasion of a joint workshop of the “Catholic Consortium for International Higher Education Collaboration”, of which the KU is a founding member, the representatives of universities from 13 countries exchanged views on...[more]

Friday, 05. July 2019

International collaboration project: protection of riparian forests in Kyrgyzstan

A typical river landscape on the Naryn. The river and its dynamics were barely influenced by humans, which means that it has a largely intact river ecosystem that can be investigated. (Photo: Betz/upd)

The preservation of riparian forests along the Naryn river in Kyrgyzstan is the objective of the international and interdisciplinary project “ÖkoFlussPlan” which start in August this year and will be led by Prof. Dr. Bernd Cyffka...[more]

Thursday, 27. June 2019

New research institute “Business and Economics in Service of Humanity”

(from left) Prof. Dr. Alexander Danzer, Prof. Dr. Simon Wiederhold, mayor Dr. Christian Lösel, KU President Prof. Dr. Gabriele Gien, Prof. Dr. Sashi Matta and Prof. Dr. Jens Hogreve at the festive ceremony for the foundation of the research institute „Business and Economics in Service of Humanity“ (BESH) at the Ingolstadt School of Management. (Photo: Klenk/Press Office)

The KU established its new research institute “Business and Economics in Service of Humanity” (BESH) which is unique in its form throughout Germany. The institute pools skills and knowledge of four chairs from the field of...[more]