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Monday, 17. June 2019

International study investigates inclusion of refugees into the financial system

How do forcibly displaced persons manage their money matters in everyday life? What channels do they use and with which measures can refugees be supported in order to be given better access to needs-oriented financial services,...[more]

Monday, 17. June 2019

Institute for Applied Sustainability now affiliated institute of KU and THI

Promoting research and teaching for sustainable development in region 10 and inspiring citizens to develop sustainable ways of life – this is the objective set by the Ingolstadt-based Institute for Applied Sustainability (inas),...[more]

Wednesday, 22. May 2019

New Master’s program “Tourism and Sustainable Regional Development”

The new Master’s degree program “Tourism and Sustainable Regional Development”, which will be launched at the KU in the upcoming winter semester, focuses on regional development processes in the tourism sector and ensuing...[more]

Wednesday, 15. May 2019

Psychologists support trainees in finding their strengths

Diakonie in Rummelsberg/Photo: Eduard Wellmann

How can trainees with special needs discover their personal strengths in order to be better equipped to face the challenges of everyday life? This was investigated in a research project led by Prof. Dr. Joachim Thomas...[more]

Thursday, 09. May 2019

Treetop health check: Research on ash dieback in riparian forest

The microscopic evaluation of the collected ash pollen will reveal their viability. (Photo: Johanna Jetschni/upd)

Whoever goes for a walk in the riparian forest near Neuburg can experience science first-hand: Anna Eisen, doctoral candidate at the KU, placed pollen traps and wind gauges in the forest and uses a mobile man lift to collect...[more]

Thursday, 09. May 2019

KU vice presidents confirmed in office

(from left) Prof. Dr. Jens Hogreve (vice president for research), Prof. Dr. Klaus Stüwe (vice president for international affairs and profile development) and Prof. Dr. Markus Eham (vice president for studies and teaching) have been confirmed in office by the election committee. (Photo: Klenk/Press Office)

The KU election committee has unanimously confirmed the three KU vice presidents in their office. The committee re-elected Prof. Dr. Markus Eham (61) as vice president for studies and teaching for a further three-year term. The...[more]

Friday, 03. May 2019

The space between structure and creativity: When language steps over its own boundaries

Which contexts form creative thoughts and how? When is a pun perceived to be interesting or aesthetically appealing? These fundamental questions of human nature are investigated by Prof. Dr. Thomas Hoffmann, Chair of English...[more]