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Knowledge rooted in values: KU launches study program “Studium.Pro”

From this winter semester, the KU offers its students a diverse range of opportunities to enrich their studies by deepening their knowledge of their fields of study and broadening their understanding of areas outside of these fields. “The KU wants to do more than simply provide students with knowledge and professional qualifications.” explains KU President Prof. Dr. Gabriele Gien. The University is guided by the principle of not only imparting knowledge, but also values which help students to develop their own personality. Gien emphasized: “In line with Christian values, we want to take on responsibility within our society and for society and we want to enable our students to do the same.” She went on to say that being a Catholic involved taking into account the bigger picture and adopt an interdisciplinary, connected and international way of thinking.

This approach is implemented in the study program “Studium.Pro”, with ‘Pro’ standing for profile and profession, as well as a proactive scientific engagement for society. Over the following months, the program will become an integral part of the curriculum in all KU degree programs. The program’s offer is divided into five areas:

The area “Pro.Discourse“ is an interdisciplinary forum for research and education. Socially relevant issues are approached from a multidisciplinary perspective and reflected on in a philosophical, ethical and theological way. The “K’Universale” lecture series and series of seminars linked to it are part of the forum. The speakers in the lecture series include renowned researchers from different universities, as well as representatives from relevant institutions and public figures such as politician Theo Waigel or the former chairperson of the Evangelical Church in Germany, Nikolaus Schneider, who will be speaking in the current winter semester.

“Pro.Horizons“ gives students the opportunity to expand their knowledge by learning about topics outside of their field of study. Students are introduced to a new discipline, discover different academic approaches, and in doing so broaden their horizons by expanding their general knowledge and transferable skills.

The area of “Pro.Society“ enables students to develop academic skills through social engagement. The courses in this area are all project based, some are held in collaboration with external partners and tackle current social challenges. The contents of the courses include, e.g. working with non-German-speaking children in schools, ethics and responsibility in society, inclusion, sustainability or introducing German classes for refugees. A core pillar of this type of study is the subject-specific and methodical preparation of the projects and their scientific reflection.

In the area of “Pro.Career“, students acquire core qualifications needed when starting out in their professional life. They learn communication and methodological skills, foreign language proficiency and IT skills.

The fifth area “Pro.Internationals“ is targeted specifically at international degree-seeking students.

It provides them with support for a successful course of study at the KU by offering specially designed library trainings, language classes or an introduction to scientific work and academic writing.

The Studium.Pro initiative is already integrated in three degree programs at the KU and it is envisaged to gradually integrate the component in all other degree programs as well. This means that in future, all students will obtain a minimum of 5 ECTS credits in Studium.Pro from the areas “Pro Discourse”, “Pro Horizons”, and/or “Pro Society”. Until then, all students have the voluntary option to participate in the courses offered. 

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