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Event planning

Whenever possible, the Department of Communication and Marketing will support you with the preparation of your events. We have gathered useful information on event planning and implementation in a guideline.

Should you not have sufficient command of German to understand the planning guideline, please do not hesitate to contact us – we are happy to provide you with all information you need.

Press and public relations work

We are happy to support you with your public relations work and inform media and university public of your event.

Please inform the Department of Communication and Marketing of your events as soon as possible. This also applies to non-public conferences, as they usually have an important public image and contribute to how the University is perceived externally.

Who do I have to notify of events?

If you wish to notify of an event, please send an e-mail to pressestelle(at)

Which information do I have to provide?

  • Date of event
  • Time
  • Room
  • Speaker (First name, last name, position)
  • Organizer
  • Title of event
  • If applicable, short description of event
  • If applicable, participation conditions (costs, application deadline etc.)
  • If applicable, program
  • If applicable, link leading to further information

What happens with the information on my event?

  • The information is included in the KU event calendar. If it is a larger event, a link leading to the entire program (if available online on your websites) or the respective website can be published.
  • Two weeks prior to the event, a press information is circulated to all regional weekly papers (church magazine, advertising papers).
  • A couple of days prior to the event, a press information is released to daily media (daily newspapers, regional radio channels, TV). Depending on the event’s significance, information might also be circulated supra-regionally.
  • For particularly significant events or series of events, other measures should be discussed well in advance (contact: Constantin Schulte Strathaus, pressestelle(at)

Please also take a look at the KU event calendar before planning your event or conference in order to avoid clashes.

Corporate design templates

In the internal section of the KU homepage, you will find different document templates (e.g. word templates for letters or PowerPoint presentations), typefaces and the KU logo to ensure a uniform image. You can download the templates here.

The aim of our corporate design manual is to provide a foundation for a uniform image in our communication, both internal and external. The manual outlines the most important characteristics of the University’s image in print and digital publications and is binding for all KU members. 

If you have any questions, the team of the Department of Communication and Marketing is happy to help.