Computer Center

A KU e-mail address for each student and member of staff, wireless internet access on campus, computer work stations in eight PC pools, a cloud for storing files on the KU’s servers, free software – all this and more is provided by the KU’s Data Center.

University user ID

Your university user ID gives you access to all of the KU’s online services, in particular KU.Campus (which is used to register for modules and courses), the ILIAS e-learning platform, and your e-mail account. You will also need your user ID to connect to the campus WiFi on your laptop.

Activating your user ID: For students, the user ID is printed on your student ID card along with an activation password. You must activate your account. When you do this you will be required to set a new password. You should not give this password to anyone under any circumstances.

WiFi internet access

On campus there are two ways to obtain wireless internet access on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, which differ in terms of configuration and access rights:

WiFi access via eduroam
Eduroam (education roaming) is an initiative of a network of European universities that allows members of participating universities (now including some in the USA) to access the WiFi network of any participating institution using their user ID and password for their home university’s network. The KU offers unrestricted internet access via its eduroam WiFi network; however, a VPN connection (see below) is required to access certain KU services. This type of access is usually the best option for tablets and smartphones.

WiFi access via KUEI + VPN connection:
You can connect to the WiFi network called ‘KUEI’ without entering a password and do not require a special configuration to do so. However, this connection is unsecured and only allows you to establish a connection with the web server Accordingly, you can only view the KU website. However, in combination with a VPN connection, KU members have unrestricted internet access via this network, which also provides access to the KU’s members-only services, such as the University Library’s electronic journals or software provided by the Data Center.

A step-by-step tutorial on how to connect to WiFi at the KU on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone is available in german language.

If you experience problems that you are unable to solve using the tutorial, you can receive assistance during the Data Center’s WiFi drop-in sessions.

KU e-mail address

All students are given an e-mail address in the following format: (or a variant such as if there is already another user with the same name). Official messages from the KU will be sent to this address. You must therefore check your inbox regularly. You can do this via webmail at Alternatively, you can have your KU e-mails forwarded to another e-mail address.

PC pools

The Computing Center provides computer work stations in seven PC pools, four in Eichstätt and three in Ingolstadt.


  • Ehemalige Orangerie (eO), room 001 (26 work stations)
  • Ostenstr. 14, room 003 (24 work stations)
  • Main Building E, room 007 (28 work stations)


  • Main Building, room U03 (19 work stations)
  • Main Building, room 111 (15 work stations)
  • Main Building, room 113 (6 work stations + laptop stations)