Economics of Innovation

Innovation is fundamental in modern societies. The lecture shows how to analyze innovation from an economic perspective. The lecture’s focus is empirical, but basic theories of innovation and entrepreneurship will also be discussed. In particular, students will gain an understanding of the following central topics: empirical analysis of the innovation process, role of policy in fostering innovation, financing innovation and entrepreneurship. Another topic the lecture deals with are the social and economic consequences of the diffusion of new technologies, such as broadband Internet.

The lecture’s structure closely follows the stages in the innovation process, that is, invention, innovation, and diffusion.


Target Group: Compulsory elective course in Master Program "Entrepreneurship and Innovation"

Term: Winter Term

Lecture: Thursday, 02:00 p.m.-04:00 p.m., NB-Z01 (exception: 24th  of November: NB-207)
Tutorial (same as practice seminar):  Friday, 12:00 (noon)-02:00 p.m., HB-101 (exceptions: 25th of November: virtual,   2nd  of December: HB-106)

Lecture: Prof. Dr. Simon Wiederhold
Tutorial (same as practice seminar):  Johanna Raith


Language: English

Restrictions: none

Course Description: see this PDF

Course Documents: see Ilias

Exam Dates: tba