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  • Studying conditions

    The WFI prepares its students for the challenges in future professional life through innovative and economic based knowledge combined with practical orientation.

  • The students are supposed to gain the skills to fulfil managerial functions at national and international level in a responsible, socially competent and professional manner.

    Thereby the WFI fits in with the grown catholic educational tradition and refines it in a contemporary way. Furthermore the WFI awaits the highest performance demands from everyone involved in teaching and research.

    Quickly and successfully reaching the final degree is only possible if excellent study conditions are being provided. Therefore it is in the interest of the WFI to create the best circumstances for its students.

    The university

    The Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt (KU) is the only catholic university in the German-speaking area. There are about 4.000 students of all denominations spread over eight faculties.

    The faculty

    The  Faculty of Business Administration in Ingolstadt (WFI) is despite of its short history – year of establishment in 1989 - among the top German business schools as shown in numerous university rankings. Professors, lecturers and assistants of 20 chairs supervise and support approximately 1,150 students. The WFI offers a bachelor degree in Business Administration (Bachelor of Science) with five majors and a German-Chinese Double Degree (B.Sc.) in cooperation with the renowned Chinese top universities Sun Yat-sen and Tongj. Furthermore, the WFI offers five master programs in Business Administration, including the study program International BA in cooperation with the Toulouse School of Management and Toulouse Business School in France und the Rajagiri Centre for Business Studies in India.

    The infrastructure

    The branch library on campus counts more than 100.000 single volumes alone. Furthermore the students have access to three computer pools and a language resource centre (or “self-access centre”). The lecture halls are multimedia and as well as the whole campus equipped with WLAN.

    Studying conditions

    The manageable size combined with a lecturer-student ratio of 1:11 enables an efficient study. Crowded lecture halls, long distances to the lecturer and administration offices or waiting times are essentially non existant. Besides many students, lecturers and administrative employees know each other in person. This also explains the short length of one’s studies.

    The profile of WFI-students

    Students of the WFI come from throughout Germany and even from all over the world. What they have in common is their outstanding motivation and social commitment. These are also the main criteria applied during the selection of future students of the WFI.

    Student organisations

    The KU and with that the WFI encourages socially competent and team-oriented behaviour. Additionally they promote the commitment of the students in both, academic and non-academic concerns. This becomes apparent through more than 20 different student organisations at the WFI, an important part of university life.

    The offer ranges from the international organisation Erasmus Student Network to university marketing and student business consultancy (studentische Unternehmensberatung project e.V.) to more artistically influenced circles. Despite all these differences the student organisations have one thing in common: the students learn to combine theory with practice, to work together in teams and to take over responsibility at an early stage.


    The WFI covers the requirements of an international education in various ways: Numerous exchange programs with more than 90 well chosen partner universities on four continents enable students to study partly abroad and provide them the opportunity to gain invaluable experiences.

    Also subject-specific international contents are being provided and beyond that the WFI holds its own professorship of International Management. Several courses in business languages, especially in English, Spanish and French complete the offered services.

    Practical relevance

    The exchange between theory and practice obtains a special significance for the WFI. This is implemented with prestigious affiliates in a wide variety of sectors, numerous lectures and workshops with practitioners as well as the web-based recruiting platform The partnership allows the companies immediate access to the academic world whereas the close dialogue is giving the WFI the opportunity to constantly reflect its practical relevance for teaching and research.