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Faculty Council

In accordance to Article 31 of the BayHSchG, the faculty council is responsible in all affairs concerning the faculty that are not included in the responsibilities of the dean or another body of the faculty. The faculty council should confine its advice to matters of fundamental importance and, depending on the type of matters, allocate them to the dean to be accomplished in general or in individual cases.

  • Members of the Faculty Council 2019/2020

    ...the Dean
    • Prof. Dr. mult. Anton Burger
    ...the respective Vice Deans
    • Prof. Dr. Christian Heinrich
    ...the respective Dean of Studies
    • Prof. Dr. Katja Gelbrich
    ...six representatives of the university professors*
    • Prof. Dr. Jörg Althammer
    • Prof. Dr. Max Göttsche
    • Prof. Dr. André Habisch
    • Prof. Dr. Shashi Matta
    • Prof. Dr. Thomas Setzer
    • Prof. Dr. Simon Wiederhold
    • Prof. Dr. Reinald Koch (substitute)
    • Prof. Dr. Heinrich Kuhn (substitute)
    • Prof. Dr. Dominika Langenmayr (substitute)
    • Prof. Dr. Max Ringlstetter (substitute)
    • Prof. Dr. Kai Sandner (substitute)
    ...three representatives of the scientific and artistic staff*
    • Max Schulze Dieckhoff
    • Anne Falkenberg
    • Dr. Björn Schäfer
    • Felix Fischer (substitute)
    • Philipp Reinhard (substitute)
    • Grazia Palmiotti (substitute)
    ...a representative of all remaining employees*
    • Franziska Rast
    ...three representatives of the students*
    • Sofie Büssing

    • Domenic Kaut
    • Michael Ries
    • Moritz Nusser (substitute)
    • Leopold Polonius (substitute)
    • Marcel Stallmann (substitute)

    ...the equal opportunity commissioner


    • Eva Voser
    • Christina Langer (substitute)
    *= according to Art. 17 BayHSchG