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  • Structure

    Bachelor Program

    One business language is mandatory in the Bachelor Program at the WFI. Currently students may choose between Business English,Business French, Business Spanish, Business Chinese and Business German (certain restrictions may apply). Advanced courses can be taken as electives.

    For more details, see course descriptions

    Master Program

    Students in the Master Course of Study at WFI may take courses in the Department of Business Languages as Electives. The courses offered include Intercultural Communication, Effective Meetings and Negotiations, Effective Presentations, La Gestion de L'enterprise, among others.

    For more details, see course descriptions.

    Due to globalization, it is becoming increasingly important to be able to interact with foreign business partners in their native tongue. As a result, one business language (English, French, Spanish, Chinese or German) is a mandatory subject for the Bachelor degree and can be further developed within the Bachelor degree or during the Master program as an elective.

    When selecting languages, students should take into consideration that, although excellent English skills are required for business, more and more employers expect skills in other languages as well. Hence many students study more than one language and take classes in Intercultural Communication.

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