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  • Frage  I am a transfer student from another university and want to take courses in business languages. What qualifications do I need?

    Antwort Please contact Mr. Lawrence Diederich (Lawrence.Diederich (at) for more information.

    Frage  I can not decide. How many business languages should I study?

    Antwort For the Bachelor one business language (i.e. Business English, -French, -Spanish or -Chinese) is required. We believe that you should focus on no more than two business languages.

    Frage  I would like to learn more than one business language during my bachelor studies. How does that work?

    Antwort You are free to choose eight elective modules (see the Exam Regulations “Prüfungsordnung”).

    Frage  Do I have to take the business language course during the first semester or I can take it in the third semester?

    Antwort It is in your interest to take at least one business language in the first semester otherwise this can lead to timetable problems.

    Frage In high school I had always 14 points in languages, but now I can not get beyond the note 2.

    Antwort  In the business languages, we mainly deal with technical language terminologies and concepts. This is certainly a bit unusual at first. Our demands on student language skill are significantly higher than at school. One reason is that you will now be evaluated by native speakers.

    Frage I would like to do improve my grammar and my vocabulary.

    Antwort  We recommend that you work with the interactive multimedia materials to train your basic skills in our Self-Study Center. You could also enrol in our Tandem Program. You could visit relevant student tutorials, which help prepare for the exams. Or you could visit general language courses at the language center in Eichstätt and earn certificates.

    Frage  I would like to attend Business Spanish or French and have heard of “preparatory courses.”

    Antwort  The preparatory courses are designed to help you improve your language skills as a foundation for the study of business languages. The preparatory courses are organized by the language center in Eichstatt, but take place here in Ingolstadt.

    Frage  I would like to go abroad, could you correct my CV?

    Antwort Unfortunately, no. We believe that preparation for a stay abroad is your own responsibility. In the Self-Study Center or the librar you have access to materials that should help you in your preparations.

    Frage  For my foreign application I need a confirmation of language level B2.

    Antwort  Not a problem if you have successfully completed Business Language I & II. In addition please bring a copy of your FlexNow printout.

    Frage  For my foreign application I need a reference.

    Antwort   We like to write appropriate references for students we know personally from our lessons.

    Frage I will soon make an internship abroad and need to have a language certificate.

    Antwort  Gladly. A form can be found here. Please fill it out and bring it to our office hours with your FlexNow printout.

    Frage  I am new to the Master's program and earned my Bachelor's degree from another university. Now I want to study abroad and need to a B2 certificate.

    Antwort  Please contact the Language Center of your previous university.

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