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  • Scholarship Programs

    Many foundations and sponsorship plants offer scholarships and therefore the possibility of partly financing assistance. Since there is a great variety of such foundations with different awarding criteria, only a selection of available foundations are listed below.

    Detailed overviews can be found on the following websites:


    Bayerische Elite-Akademie

    The BEA supports the 30 best qualified students in the Free State of Bavaria in a course-collateral education, that takes place additionally to their main studies. The goal is conveying leadership skills and management qualities. Attendance periods, project work and the relationship to a personal mentor from the Bavarian economy are the three main building blocks. The BEA is solely financed privately by the Bavarian economy. It works together with the universities closely. The annual application deadline is January 7th.

    Link to the homepage:


    Cusanuswerk - Bischöfliche Studienförderung e.V.

    The Cusanuswerk's dedication is to provide moral and financial aid to notably talented catholic German students that are enrolled in at least an eight-semester program at a German university or a conservatoire/ arts college in Germany (BRD). The support is also available to students of technical colleges. The admission to the sponsorship takes places annually in a selection process during winter semester. Traditionally, students applying for admission to this program are being nominated. The head and the teachers of any school in higher college-preparatory education as well as student chaplains and former scholarship students have the right to nominate applicants. Furthermore there is the possibility to apply personally.

    Link to the homepage:


    Evangelisches Studienwerk e.V. Villigs

    The EVV supports talented, protestant students and graduates of all disciplines at academic, artistic or pedagogic colleges as well as technical colleges that have proven to be involved in churchly, social or political matters. Besides the financial support in form of scholarships, the program includes an interdisciplinary seminar program, summer school, student companionship as well as support with semesters abroad and practice semesters. University students can apply until their 5th semester of studies, students at technical colleges until their third (sem). Students principally have to apply personally.

    Link to the homepage:


    Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung e.V.

    Die FES supports notably talented and socio-politically involved students (beginners also) of all disciplines. Students in technical college programs may apply before the end of their second semester, students at scientific universities before the end of their fourth semester. Besides this basic sponsorship there are also programs to support graduates (promotion, build up studies) and foreign students. Interested German and international students can apply for this program at any time.

    Link to the homepage:



    The FNS is a foundation for liberal politics in Germany. Besides political dialogue, political education and political consulting, the support of young academics results as a main objective of this foundation. German and international students from all disciplines are eligible. Students of natural and engineering sciences, technical college students and female students of all disciplines are especially welcome. Additionally to the scholarships, seminars on advanced training and summer schools (academies) are offered.

    Link to the homepage:



    The HBS is a participation-, research- and study supporting foundation of the German Trade Union Federation. It supports students that have also excelled in union and socio-political involvement besides their personal and academic qualifications. Further admission criteria are: Occupational and academic history before the studies, success of the studies hitherto, professional goals and perspectives and the social and economic situation of the applicant. Direct application is not possible, but has to be filed by the local administration office of the responsible DGB union.

    Link to the homepage:


    Hanns-Seidel-Stiftung e.V.

    The CSU-related HSS supports students and graduates of all disciplines. The study sponsorship offers scholarships besides a vast and attractive foundation program. Active participation in political, church-related and social matters is, alongside with a superior academic performance, an essential criteria for admission.

    Link to the homepage:


    Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung e.V.

    The foundation supports talented and society-/science critical students from pre-degree to post-graduate level of all disciplines from all countries. A specific focus lies on the support of women and women related research approaches to explicitly contribute on the way to an equal society.

    Link to the homepage:



    The foundation grants scholarships to extraordinarily talented and committed students that are willing to take responsibility in areas of social and cultural life: in politics, economy, church, associations, school, academia, media or arts. German and international students of universities and technical colleges are eligible for this program. Scholars can participate in a journalistic program to promote young talents.  For graduates there are also scholarships available for promotion.

    Link to the homepage:


    Max Weber - Programm

    Anyone studying successfully at a Bavarian university can be accepted into the Max Weber program during their studies. Therefore also students that did not graduate secondary school in Bavaria can apply. There are 200 spots available for the students every year. Generally all applications that fulfilled the formal requirements are invited on a selection seminar that is organized by the foundation. In case of a high numbers of applicants, there may be a pre-selection on the basis of the written application form if necessary. The seminars take place during weekends in March and October in Bavaria. In case of success the support can start with the 1st of April resp. 1st of October. Students in their first degree as well as consecutive master studies are eligible.

    Link to the homepage:


    Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft

    The goal is the preparation of talented students for key positions in economics and other societal areas. Students and graduates of all disciplines visiting technical colleges or universities are eligible. Requirement for a successful application is alongside with exceptional academic performance the predominant disposition of the student to take societal responsibility in their immediate surroundings. The foundation “Sitftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft“ can give further information.

    Link to the homepage:


    Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes e.V.

    The foundation supports especially talented students and postgraduates that excel in achievement, initiative and sense for responsibility. Students may be nominated for admission (for example by the examination board or a professor). Furthermore, application is possible by registering for the application procedure in the first and second semester in Jan/Feb.

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