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Your first days at WFI

We are pleased to welcome you to the WFI-Ingolstadt School of Management!

Ahead of you lies an exciting, challenging and diversified time at our faculty. To ease your way towards first experiences we offer you both a tutoring program as well as an information brochure with all useful information you need for your first days.

If there are further questions please feel free to contact our service and management office.


Beginning of lectures

Mo. 14.10.2019


Welcome day

Tu. 15.10.2019, 10.00 am, room GH



Church service at beginning of term

Universitätskirche Eichstätt

14.10.2019, 9.00 am

Evangelische Stadtkirche Eichstätt

15.10.2019, 7.15 pm

Ökumenischer Gottesdienst, KHG Ingolstadt

16.10.2019, 7.00 pm




Group 1: 30.09.- 4.10.2019
Group 2: 7.-11.10.2019, 8.00 - 12.00 Uhr
Group 3: 7.-11.10.2019, 13.00 - 17.00 Uhr

Please register under wfi-mathekursanmeldung(at)


Pleas find information here


More information you will get via Mail.