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Former Topics

Here you can find a list of topics of former Bachelor and Master theses:

  • Succession in Family Firms: Investment Behavior and Firm Performance
  • Profit Shifting via Internal Debt
  • The Influence of Citizenship by Investment Programs on Government Bond Prices: An Empirical Test of the Efficient Market Hypothesis
  • International Trade: Regionalism vs. Multilateralism
  • Economic Incentives in Federal Systems: The Case of China
  • Politics and the Regulation of Financial Markets
  • Banks' Profit Shifting Activities
  • Field experiments on measures against tax evasion
  • Country-by-Country Reporting as a Measure against Tax Avoidance
  • Company pensions, the labor market, and retirement decisions
  • How Should Inheritances Be Taxed?
  • Tax Avoidance with Hybrid Financial Instruments
  • The Labor Market Effects of Opening to New Markets