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Proposed Topics

You can choose one of the following topics for your Bachelor or Master thesis. You can also come up with own ideas if they fit into the areas of research and teaching of our chair. Feel free to contact us.

The indication "empirical" or "theoretical" is referred to the applied methodology of the starting literature. Empirical papers present the results of data analyses; theoretical papers present mathematical-analytical models. In a Bachelor thesis, you do not have to conduct own empirical or analytical analyses.


Demography and Fertility:
  • Public Pension Insurances and Fertility in Developing and Emerging Countries (empirical and/or theoretical)
  • Education as Determinat of Fertility in Developing and Emerging Countries (empirical)
  • Demographic Transition and Economic Growth (empirical and theoretical)
Corporate Taxation:
  • Worldwide vs. Territorial Corporate Tax Systems (empirical and/or theoretical)
  • Profit Shofting by Multinational Corporations (empirical)
  • Measures against Profit Shifting by Multinational Corporations (empirical or theoretical)
Inheritances and Inheritance Tax:
  • Inheritance Taxation of Businesses (empirical and/or theoretical)*
  • Inheritances as Determinant of Inequality (empirical)*
  • Inheritance Tax and Gift Tax Planning (empirical and theoretical)*
  • Perception of Inheritance Taxation (empirical)*
Other Taxes:
  • Financial Transaction Taxes (empirical and/or theoretical)*
  • Tax Revenue of the German Church Tax (empirical/institutional)*
Tax Evasion:
  • Individual Tax Evasion: Theory (theoretical)
  • Individual Tax Evasion: Evidence (empirical)
  • Profit Shifting and International Trade Patterns (empirical)*
  • Tax Evasion: What can we learn from the Panama Papers? (case studies)*
  • Corporate Tax Avoidance via the Relocation of Intangible Assets (empirical)*
  • Which Measures against Profit Shifting should we use? (theoretical)*

 * These topics will not be offered again until April 2019, when Prof. Langenmayr returns from maternity leave.