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Tax Policy

In this course, we will discuss how states should set their tax policies. In more detail, we will speak about topics like optimal income tax rates, tax evasion, the influence of taxation to risk-taking and international tax competition. We will use advanced theoretical models and discuss recent empirical findings. Therefore, you should have a solid knowledge of the mathematics used in economics (esp. maximization under constraints).

Here you can find the evaluation results of the lecture (QI 87.9)  and the tutorial (QI 86.1) in the summer term 2017.

Target group:Elective course for students studying the FACT Master
Term:Summer term (expected to start from 2020)
Time and Room:-

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Instructor:Prof. Dr. Langemayr
Registration:Exam registration via Flex-Now
Course Description:See this PDF
Course Documents:See Ilias
Grading:Solutions to (at least) 3 problems sets (30 %) and written exam (70%)
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