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The research conducted at the Chair for Microeconomics focuses on individual behavioural responses to changes in institutional settings and economic incentives, both in industrialized countries (Germany, UK) as well as in developing and emerging economies (Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Vietnam). A major research interest alludes to questions of how individuals and households respond to shifts in income levels and income variability.

The methodological focus is on the econometric estimation of behavioural parameters in the framework of quasi-experimental approaches. This includes the estimation of causal effects of policy interventions (e.g., the increase of the legal national minimum pension level in Ukraine) and environmental disasters.

At the same time, the team of the Chair designs, implements and analyzes household and labour force surveys. Over the past years, Prof. Danzer has established a household panel survey in Tajikistan in collaboration with the World Bank and the Institute for Eastern European Studies in Regensburg. The panel facilitates research on poverty and labour market issues. Furthermore, Prof. Danzer is affiliated with several research networks and Institutes (IZA Bonn, CESifo Munich, CReAM London, NIESR London) and cooperates with economists and geographers at the Universities of London, Munich, Sussex, Tartu, Umeå and Zurich.

Publications by Prof. Dr. Alexander M. Danzer