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Prof. Alexander M. Danzer, Ph.D.

Auf der Schanz 49
85049 Ingolstadt
Main Building / Room No.: 217

Phone:  ++49 841 937 - 21840
Email:    alexander.danzer(at)

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Short CV

since04/2015Full Professor of Economics (Microeconomics) at KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt
since10/2011Lecturer for the Executive Master Programme “Philosophy – Politics – Economics” at the University of Munich (LMU)
since04/2008Consultant to the World Bank (Europe and Central Asia Region: Human Development Sector)
11/2014Offer for chaired professorship in Economics at the University of Regensburg (declined)
11/2010-03/2015Junior (assistant) professor of Economics, University of Munich (LMU)
09/2009-12/2014Scientific director of the research project “Migration and remittances in Central Asia”, funded by the Volkswagen Foundation
2008-2010PhD studies in Economics at Royal Holloway College, University of London, UK
2006-2008Research Associate at DIW Berlin
2000-2006University studies in Economics and Human Geography in Berlin, Prague and Munich




Awards and Grants

2013-2018Elected Member of the Young Academy at the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina
2011Atomium Culture, European Newspaper Competition
2010College Teaching Award, Royal Holloway College
2009Heinz König Young Scholar Award, ZEW Mannheim
2008-2010Thomas Holloway Research Scholarship
2007Best Paper Award at the Conference of the Development Studies Association, UK


Publications in refereed Journals

Danzer, A.M. (2017), Can Secondary Jobs Smooth Consumption? Evidence from Unanticipated Wage Arrears. Economic Development and Cultural Change, 2017, forthcoming.

Danzer, A.M. / F. Yaman (2016): Ethnic Concentration and Language Fluency of Immigrants: Evidence from the Guest-Worker Placement in Germany. Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization,

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Danzer, A.M. / P. Dolton / C. Rosazza Bondibene (2016): Who Wins? Evaluating the Impact of UK Public Sector Pension Scheme Reforms.National Institute Economic Review, 2016, Vol. 234: R38-R46.

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Danzer, A.M. (2009): Battlefields of Ethnic Symbols. Public Space and Post-Soviet Identity Formation from a Minority Perspective. Europe-Asia Studies, 2009, Vol. 61, 9: 1557-1577.


Book chapters

Danzer, A.M. / A. Aldashev (2016). Bilingualism and Economic Performance. In: Wickström, B.-A. and M. Gazzola (eds.): The Economics of Language Policy. MIT Press. ISBN: 978-0-262-03470-8.

Danzer, A.M. / B. Dietz (2016). Temporary Labour Migration from Eastern Europe: The Role of Human Capital Investment and Migration Agencies. In: Nadler, R. et al. (eds.): Return Migration and Regional Development in Europe. Palgrave Macmillan: London. ISBN: 978-1-137-57508-1.

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Danzer, A.M. (2008). Ethnicised Symbolic Landscapes as a Constraint to Nation-Building in Transition. In: Fischer, S. and H. Pleines (eds.): Crisis and Conflicts in Post-Socialist Societies. The Role of Ethnic, Political and Social Identities. Ibidem: Stuttgart: 31-43. ISBN 978-3-89821-855-9.