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Teaching - The concept

The teaching goal of the DFB can be summarized as follows:

"Transfer of long lasting scientific knowledge and techniques, which can be used in the finance practice, however can be learnt there really hard."

Therefore our lectures are generating an advance in knowledge against later competitors in the finance practice.

The narrow connection between science and practice in the finance world nowadays shows a variety of capital market orientated models and quantitative techniques which are part of the finance practice. Examples of the connection between science and the finance practice (and vice versa) are the use of CAPM, Black&Scholes formula, Value-at-Risk model and performance analysis as well as credit risk models, Basel II, Financial Engineering and structured financial products.

We can recommend the study at the DFB especially to students who want to work in the finance industry like banks and insurance companies or generally in corporate finance departments as well as the finance consulting and auditing companies.

"Everything should be made as simple as possible,
but not simpler!"
(reportedly) Albert Einstein