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Thesis at the DFB

In the following you will find all relevant information regarding a final thesis at the Department of Finance and Banking.


If you are interested in writing your thesis at the Department of Finance and Banking please fill in the application form and send it to the research associate of your choice.


For a better overview of possible topics we compiled a list of former theses at the department.

Thesis in cooperation with a company

In general you are allowed to write your thesis in a cooperation. However, in this case you have to choose your topic on your own. The topic has to be specified for the chair in an exposé (2-3 pages). Please outline why you want to work in a coorporation and why this has an advantage for the project. Furthermore you have to show in your exposé why this topic is relevant, what the main target of your analysis will be and what literature is important for the topic. If the chair staff approves your exposé you will be allowed to work on this.


For more information on how to write a scientific paper, bachelor or master thesis at the Department of Finance and Banking please click here. If a paper or thesis is written in English, the internationally accepted citation styles APA and Havard may be used.