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Possible topics

List of topics for possible Bachelor-/ Master thesis 

Ethical Funds/ Socially responsible Investments

Financial markets are important driver for Corporate Responsibility. This covers ethical funds as well as mainstream investors. The German Association of financial analysts and financial investors has developed a system of Key Performance indicators for Environmental, Social and Governance risks. Other instruments are Dow Jones Sustainability index or Ethical accounting standards. Is there empirical evidence for the importance of these instruments for sustainable value creation? 

Ethical Supply Chain Management

How do international producing companies (e.g. garment, sports gear, toy industry) ensure (which instruments) that their supply chains don´t suffer a damaged reputation through child work, pollution, usage of dangerous ingredients? How are Compliance Systems implemented in marketing? Which role does the state of a country play?

Job and family, Diversity-Management

Nothing is going to change the german society as strong as the demographic development. To ensure a better compatibility of job and family - particularly for academic educated women and men - the development of the birth rate is going to play a key role. The Hertie-Stiftung developed a practical instrument (the audit "Beruf und Familie") that aims to address company actions. How does the implementation of certain instruments work in praxis (e.g. companies of the region?) Which problems might occur while implementing instruments? 

 Practical Wisdom in Spiritual and religious traditions

The great spiritual and religious traditions of mankind developed icons of orientation for individual as well as collective behavior. They are framing business practice in a multiple way - for example Islamic Finance, Christian business culture among the 'economy of communion' etc.

Corporate culture and values in family owned businesses

The german economy is characterized through mid-sized family-businesses. Their focus is rather on their corporate culture and value then on the capital market. How are these values documented? How do such orientations effect the corporate praxis? Empirical analyses (especially the tool GABEK) can examine certain aspect.

Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability

Reporting: Nearly all DAX companies but also a growing number of public enterprises, NGOs etc. report about their CR or Sustainability Performance. The Good Company Ranking developed analytical tools for evaluation. The Global Reporting Initiative is providing a unitary framework to avoid 'greenwashing' by asking the right questions.

Responsible Consumerism

Consumers are the most important driver for responsible Corporate behavior in competitive markets. How could their informational situation be enhanced? What tools are companies using for consumer education?


  1. Choice of topic (own choice is possible, the relation needs to be coherent to the ones above)
  2. Presentation of first results (in regard to research question, methodology, etc.) on min. 2 A4 slides
  3. Establishing contact with Prof. Habisch via E-Mail.