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International Fall Term at WFI

The International Fall Term at the WFI - Ingolstadt School of Management is an intensive program. International students study at WFI from September to December and can achieve up to 30 ECTS. Regular exchange students may attend International Fall Term modules, too. All the modules listed below (including the exam period) end before Christmas.

International Fall Term students can put together their individual course program. We suggest they take the modules “Culture and Society” and a German language course (all language levels available). These take place from mid-September to mid-October. Thereafter, students usually choose four coursess from the fields of Business, Economics and Ethics (see the list below). Here, short-term and exchange students study together with regular students. We are working to offer an increasing number of International Fall Term courses each year.

The Business, Economics and Ethics modules start in mid-October and end before Christmas. Thus, they are quite dense. Students may do more than 20 ECTS from mid-October to Christmas but that depends on their individual, commitment and course selection.

Students need to be nominated by their home university by e-mail to incoming(at) by the 15th of May in order to register for the program.



Bachelor courses

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Master courses

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