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Student Testimonials

Hear what our students have to say about their experience at the WFI Summer School

Andrei Salta (Philippines)

“The Summer School at WFI Ingolstadt School of Management was a fantastic experience! It was an experience that not only spanned the four walls of the classroom, but also corporate site visits and also a visit to Neuschwanstein Castle. From an international student perspective, this allowed me to meet new friends and get a truly holistic experience from the Summer School. It also covered a very diverse and comprehensive set of courses that one can really learn a lot from. The professors of the summer school were likewise very competent and indeed experts in their field. It was very convenient for us to go around other cities as well such as Munich, Regensburg, and Nuremburg during our spare time.


If you are interested in having an amazing time, to learn, to meet new people and to have fun, I would highly recommend the Summer School at WFI Ingolstadt School of Management.”

WFI Summer School 2018

Donna Teresa Pious (India)

"The wide range of courses made available to the students and its scope, is what attracted me the most to the summer school.

The field visits and trips were an add on, as it enabled me to meet, interact and mingle with the foreign students. Working with students from various parts of the world and from different backgrounds was a great experience.

The summer school helped me shape my way of approaching the global business world."

WFI Summer School 2018

Salim Jusuf (India)

"Top notch faculty, well-structured curriculum/pedagogy and enthusiastic/friendly colleagues have been some of the highlights of the school.

As part of the programme we had the chance to visit the headquarters of few global companies and the interactions with officials were very helpful in understanding the perspectives.

As a consultant working with MNCs, I always recall the learning experience during summer school and will look forward to associate with WFI in the future as well."

WFI Summer School 2016

An Ran (China)

"The KU-Eichstätt Ingolstadt is a good university with a high quality of teaching and study environment.The WFI summer school was a great opportunity for us to attend and enjoy study life within a short period of time and to experience it.

After this summer school, I am 100% sure that I must come back to the WFI to study for my master’s degree."

WFI Summer School 2018

Patrick Schüle (Germany)

"By providing an attractive programme which combines academic excellence with social activities, company visits and the chance to get in touch with professionals, the WFI summer school offered an exceptional possibility to widen my personal and academic horizons.

The conversations with other students were valuable and interesting, the program offered the chance to get in touch with other students from all around the world."

WFI Summer School 2016

Andrei Bundas (Romania)

"I had the opportunity to choose and attend four interesting courses in an international and very competitive environment with professors and students from many different countries.

I especially appreciated the fact that the academic activities were balanced with entertainment activities such as the visit to Neuschwanstein Castle. I was also fascinated by the city of Ingolstadt, its history and how the modern is blended with the traditional.

I warmly recommend the WFI Summer School!"

WFI Summer School 2016

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