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We supervise Bachelor and Master theses on Economics of Education, Economics of Innovation and Experimental Economics, where an empirical focus of the theses is desirable. To write your thesis at the Chair of Economics, esp. Macroeconomics, it is necessary to fulfill certain requirements: You should have successfully completed at least one of our courses. (Students who do not fulfill this requirement may be considered too, but only as an exception to the rule.) We strongly recommend students to write a term paper at the chair before planning to write their thesis in the field of macroeconomics. Moreover, you must fulfill the requirements laid out by the examination regulations.

Procedure for writing a thesis at our chair:

  1. Read the directions at the bottom of this page and become aware of what is expected of you.

  2. Please contact the chair 4 to 6 weeks prior to your preferred starting date. Explain in which field you would like to write your thesis and when you would like to start.

  3. Arrange an appointment. Take your transcript of records and a completed registration form (provided by the examination office) with you. During this appointment, we will discuss potential topics and the methodological direction of your thesis (theoretical/empirical).

  4. At your starting date, we will send you the concrete topic for your thesis, the starting literature and some further instructions via e-mail. From this point, you will have two months (bachelor) or six months (master) to write your thesis. You can write your thesis either in German or in English.

  5. After approximately 10 days (Bachelor) or 3 weeks (Master) you should meet with your advisor to discuss the outline of your thesis and additional literature. Please print out the outline and bring it to the appointment.

  6. For a Master thesis, there is an additional obligatory meeting after about three months to discuss your own scientific contribution in the second part of your thesis.

  7. About 3 weeks (Bachelor) or 6 weeks (Master) before finishing you are going to present your thesis in the dissertation colloquium. The presentation time is 20 minutes for bachelor students and 30 minutes for master students. You are going to present – based on PowerPoint slides – the most important aspects of your thesis, answer questions and receive feedback.

  8. Four to six weeks after you finished your thesis you will receive your grade. Afterwards you can make an appointment with your advisor for personal feedback.

Guidelines for writing the Bachelor thesis can be found here

Guidelines for writing the Master thesis can be found here