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Seminar on Macroeconomics

The seminar takes place every summer semester and deals with topics in the economics of education or innovation. The focus of the seminar will be announced at the beginning of the semester.

Summer Term 2019

Seminar: The Role of Education and Innovation in Economic Development: Theory and Evidence

In this bachelor seminar, students acquire knowledge about two main sources of economic growth, human capital and innovation. The seminar deals with topics such as determining the macroeconomic effects of better education and measuring a population’s level of human capital. Topics in the field of innovation are labor-market and growth effects of information and communication technologies as well as innovation policy.

Seminar participants will deal with both theoretical concepts and modern empirical methods in the field of macroeconomics. After finishing the seminar, students will have a better understanding of growth processes and new insights into the empirical test of theoretical concepts.

The Seminar will be given in English.

Target Group:Elective course for students specializing in economics
Term:Summer Term

Friday          03.05.2019  12pm-2pm  EG 013

Friday          17.05.2019  12pm-2pm  NB 307

Friday          07.06.2019  12pm-6pm  EG 013

Friday          28.06.2019  12pm-2pm  NB 307

Friday          05.07.2019  10am-6pm  NB 307

Saturday      06.07.2019  10am-6pm  EG 013


Prof. Dr. Simon Wiederhold

Katharina Hartinger

Course Description:see this PDF
Restrictions:max. of 15 students
Registration:Registration for exam via KU.Campus during innovative registration period