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Exams Winter Term 2019/2020

All information is subject to change!

Foundations of Economics
2nd date: cancelled (exam after summer term 2020)

Economics of Innovation
2nd date: 

***only relevant to those of you who planned on taking the second exam in Economics of Innovation in April***

Dear students,
As you might have heard, the upcoming exams are strongly affected by the coronavirus situation. We are all in the same boat here, and I can assure you that Prof. Wiederhold and I are working hard to find the best possible and fairest solution for you all!
Instead of an exam, we are offering a term paper as an alternative examination type for those of you who – for whatever reason – NEED to get their grade this term.The term paper needs to be submitted individually (no group work permitted). It will consist of several different (albeit short) parts that cover topics discussed in the course: There will be one part requiring you to describe a theory from the lecture and link it to a current study. Additionally, you will have to write two referee reports (about one known and one unknown study). We are aware that you might not be very familiar with referee reports – thus, specific questions will guide you through the writing process and requirements of this “soft” version of a referee report. Lastly, there will also be an argumentative essay. 
Word limit is still to be decided, approximately 5 pages in total. You will NOT need to use sources / references from the library for this term paper. You will receive the instructions for the term paper in the morning of April 14th and you will have 2 weeks to complete the paper. We will also publish additional material regarding the paper (such as formatting rules).
There will not be any alternative “regular” exam date this summer. If you wish to take the regular exam – which makes perfect sense for ALL those who do not NEED to get their grades this term –, please do so next winter term. I am happy to offer an extra tutorial session next winter for those of you who make that choice! This extra session will allow us to re-visit some important concepts, refresh your memory and discuss any further questions. We will all communicate to find the best possible time slot for this extra tutorial session.
So, if you wish to write the term paper, please inform yourself about the updated registration period and REGISTER for the exam – even though it is not a classic exam.
If you prefer to chill and take the regular exam next winter instead, please drop me a super short email titled “Innovation winter 2021” so that I can contact you next winter term to arrange the best possible date for the extra tutorial.
Unfortunately, all of this information is subject to change as the situation evolves. But rest assured that we will keep you up to date! We are in this together and we will get through it.