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Behavioral Finance

Behavioral finance uses insights from psychology to understand how human behavior influences the decisions of individual and professional investors, markets, and managers. The purpose of this lecture is to present what we have learned about financial decision-making from behavioral finance research.

Target Group:

Elective course for students with the major "Financial Management"

Elective course for students with the major "Business & Economics"

Elective course for students with focus VWL (economics)

Elective course for students in the Master FACT 

Term:Summer term

Tuesday 12pm-2pm (s.t.) HB 101 (Lecture)

Thursday 4pm-6pm HB 106 (Tutorial)


Katharina Hartinger (Lecture)

Fabian Mierisch (Tutorial)

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Exam Dates:

1st date of exam: tba
2nd date of exam: tba