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Seminar on Entrepreneurship/Innovation

The seminar takes place every winter semester and deals with entrepreneurship and innovation topics. The focus of the seminar will be announced at the beginning of the semester.

Winter Term 2019

Seminar: Entrepreneurship and Innovation

In this seminar, students will gain a comprehensive overview of various topics in innovation economics.

Target Group:

Elective course for students studying the Master "Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation"

Term:Winter Term

16.10., 4pm-6pm, HB 101: Introduction empirical work I
23.10., 4pm-5.30pm, HB 101: Introduction empirical work II/ short topics introduction
20.11., 2pm-6pm, EG 013 (2pm-4pm)/ HB 101 (4pm-6pm): Interim Presentation
11.12., 4pm-6pm, HB 101: Informal Meeting for the Seminar
13.12., 12pm-6pm, HB 101: Seminar
14.12., 10am-4pm, HB 106: Seminar


Prof. Dr. Simon Wiederhold

Fabian Mierisch

Participation Limit:15
Course Description:see this PDF
Course Documents:see Ilias
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