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  Alexander Patt, M.Sc.


  Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt

  Ingolstadt School of Management

  VWL, insb. Makroökonomik

  Auf der Schanz 49

  85049 Ingolstadt

   Email:  alexander.patt(at)



Short CV

Professional Experience




Research associate; Chair of Economics, esp. Macroeconomics,

Catholic University of Eichstaett-Ingolstadt, Germany.


 - 09/2015

Research Fellow, Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany



 - 02/2015

Visiting Research Fellow, Center for International Development, Harvard University,
Cambridge, USA.



Research stay at OECD Directorate for Education and Skills, Paris, France.

03/2012 - 12/2014Research Fellow, Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen, Germany.


2011       Master of Science in Finance & Economics, LSE

2005       Master of Science in Economics, University of Exeter

2004       Bachelor of Business Administration, International University in Germany

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Research Interests

  • Labour economics

  • Economics of education

  • Economic development


Publications and working papers

  1. Peer Ederer, Ljubica Nedelkoska, Alexander Patt, and Silvia Castellazzi. What do employers pay for employees’ complex problem solving skills? International Journal of Lifelong Education, 34(4):430–447, 2015.
  2. Peer Ederer, Alexander Patt, and Samuel Greiff. Complex problem-solving skills and innovativeness - evidence from occupational testing and regional data. European Journal of Education, 51(2):244–256, 2016.
  3. Ljubica Nedelkoska, Alexander Patt, and Peer Ederer. Learning by problem solving. Available online:, July 2015.
  4. Alexander Patt, Jens Ruhose, SimonWiederhold, and Miguel Flores. "International Emigrant Selection on Occupational Skills", CESifo Working Paper No. 6527, June 2017. Also available as: IZA DP No. 10837 and Harvard CID Working Paper No. 84, winner of CESifo Young Affiliate Award | Download