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Apply for the Stock Pitch Competition

One of five regional decisions of the BVH Stock Pitch Competition comes to the WFI! Apply now.

In the Stock Pitch Competition, students have the opportunity to present two investment proposals (a short and a long position) to a jury within 15 minutes and to stand their ground in a subsequent round of questions.

Are you looking for a new challenge and would like to convince a team of experts from potential future employers of your expertise? Then apply now for the BVH Stock Pitch Competition @WFI and represent our university in the regional decision! Send your CV and a short cover letter with your long and short idea to!

The jury of the regional decision in Ingolstadt includes Prof. Dr. Mählmann, representatives of our partner Orca Capital, a representative of PwC, a portfolio manager of VR-Bank Bayern Mitte eG and an asset manager of a medium-sized company.

Key facts:

  • 28 May 2019 @ WFI
  • Participants: Everyone (in single or double teams)
  • Lecture time :10 minutes
  • Question time: 15 minutes
  • Each team of speakers receives a 50,-€ Amazon voucher
  • Price: 1.000,-€
  • Price: 500,-€

More information: