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Honorary Professors

Prof. Dr. Utho Creusen

He studied economics, sociology and social psychology at the University of Cologne, where he received his doctorate in 1983 at the chair of Prof. Dr. med. Renate Mayntz. In 1990 followed the habilitation and in 2007 the appointment as honorary professor of the Catholic University. He is a lecturer at various renowned universities in Germany and abroad, a consultant and coach in questions of corporate governance and a member of several boards and advisory councils.

Applied Positive Psychology in Business

Praxisprobleme im HRM

Prof. Dr. Andrej Vizjak

Prof. Dr. Andrej Vizjak has been honorary professor at our chair for 20 years. In his seminars, he incorporates concrete practical examples from clients of his consulting firm, which operates worldwide from Dubai. Previously, Andrej Vizjak was a member of the PwC Central Europe Board and a member of the executive board at A.T. Kearney. He also served as Executive Vice President at Bertelsmann for five years, has published 25 books in 12 languages and has been awarded the Global Advisory Challenge Award by PwC.
Advanced Consulting Case
Change Management