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Automobile Management

In the Triad the automobile industry represents one of the most important economic sectors. In the EU 15 (Status quo 30th April 2004) 1.91 million people are employed in the car industry, worldwide about 9 million. The worldwide car industry's average share of GDP is about 15 percent and therefore represents a significant economic performance. Especially in Germany the importance is considerable. As one of the biggest car production countries in the world, every seventh job depends directly or indirectly on the car industry. Despite of the pleasing market development [sales trend] in the BRIC(K) countries, the  companies have to face rising cost pressure in the primary markets, which results from overcapacities and market stagnation, going along with increasing customer expectations. Trying to maximize the Shareholder Value the car manufacturers are forced to change and restructure capital-intensive value- added processes within their organisation.

We acknowledge - against the background of the outlined challenges - the sector's importance by providing solutions to successfully follow a sustainable and strategic development.  Besides an overall insight in strategies and organisational options some central subjects along the value chain - in particular the topics product development, car manufacturer - supplier relation and car manufacturer - dealer relation - are in the centre of our research attention.

Courses offered by the chair

Introduction to Strategic Management

Automotive Issues in Business Science


Management und Strategien von Automotive-Unternehmen

previous instructors (wit former position):

Carl-Peter Forster (Präsident, GM Europe) 
Franz-Josef Kortüm (Vorstandsvorsitzender, Webasto AG)
Christian Labonte (Leiter Design Strategie, Audi AG)