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Management in the Media Industry

The research in the competence field of "Media Management" focuses on four priority areas:

  • Organizational structure and innovation management: The high relevance of new products and formats in the media industry requires an effective and efficient collaboration between arts and business. Which processes and structures are necessary in a company to generate and manage innovations in the long-term?
  • New business models: New kinds of music and movie consumption as well as new ways legal and illegal purchase sources developed during the past years. Moreover, there is an increasing group of video games customers who want to interact online. Which business models fit the new customer's habits?
  • Growth strategies and contents: The competition has increased due to the development of the last two years. The struggle for new sources of income generated in fields like advertising or telephone charges as well as increasing fragmented customer's needs require miscellaneous media offers and business models. Which strategies and contents are necessary to grow in traditional as well as in new media segments and how can high growth rates be maintained?    
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Parts of the media industry are still very fragmented. The growth of big media corporations was based to a large extend on agressive aqcuisition strategies. A continious trend of further consolidation can even be found in very concentrated parts of the media industry like the music business. Are the current M&A deals an indicator for an ongoing aqcuisition and fusion process? Which are the underlying strategies of these current developments? What has to be considered for growth through external sources?

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