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Bachelor course offerings of the Chair

In the following you can find detailed information about the course offering of the chair of Prof. Ringlstetter. Courses that are taught in English are marked with *.

Compulsory courses

In the range of compulsory courses for all students the chair of Prof. Ringlstetter offers "Unternehmensführung" in coorperation with the International Management chair.

Major "Business & Psychology"

The chair of Prof. Ringlstetter cordinates the major "Business & Psychology". This major aims at students who want to work in HR and those who want to prepare themselves for the management and leadership of employees. The major is design to teach comprehensive theoretical, practical and inter-disciplinary knowledge within the fields of Business & Psychology. The specific courses of the Business & Psychology major focus on management, law, economics, psychology and pedagogy. The major also includes perspectives from international referents.

The chair of Prof. Ringlstetter offers following courses within the major of "Business & Psychology":

Major "Management & Marketing"

The major "Management & Marketing" is coordinated by the chair for International Management. The chair of Prof. Ringlstetter offers following courses in the fields of strategic manamgent and human resource management within the "International Management" major:

Project modules

Due to the strong focus on the practice, the chair of Prof. Ringlstetter offers consistently practice related projects in which students can proof, apply and develop their theoretical knowledge in a business related environment.

Academic Writing

LSR offers its students academic writing to topics chosen from our fields of competence.