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Expertise at the LSR

If you would like to have a report (for example for a scholarship) prepared by Prof. Ringlstetter, please note the following regulations:

  • You must have attended at least two courses at the department or have written the final thesis in the Bachelor's or Master's degree program. If you, as a bachelor student, have completed less than two courses at the chair, please also submit a one-page letter of motivation in the target language of the report.
  • You must have completed all subjects with at least the grade "good".
  • First, contact an employee you know personally. Only in exceptional cases please write to the secretariat.
  • At the beginning of the appraisal process, a personal interview with Prof. Ringlstetter or one of his employees is obligatory. Remote appraisals by email are excluded.
  • In addition, you will receive a questionnaire that you answer in the respective target language of the report (i.d.R. German / English) and send it back to the respective contact person.
  • Appraisals must be submitted to the secretariat at least three weeks before the deadline.
  • Exempted from these regulations are the student assistants of the chair.