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Recognition of achievments provided abroad

If you wish to receive recognition for services rendered abroad at the LSR, please note the information below. If there are still questions about the recognition of service, please do not hesitate to contact Ms. Michaela Lang (Michaela.Lang[at]

Before the stay abroad

Students are required to submit all their foreign recognition documents to the International Office.

Required Documents

  • Fully completed and signed sub-study contract (templates for sub-study contracts can be found on the pages of the International Office)
  • Detailed, official course description of the foreign university, from which the following information can be seen:

    • Number of ECTS points and workload of the course in hours
    • Requirement level of the course (Bachelor / Master, semester / academic year)
    • course contents

ECTS points or workload

  • In the case of recognition as elective or as additional module in focus, the module will be recognized with the number of ECTS students receive at the foreign university for the module. There is no rounding to 5/10 ECTS.
  • In the case of a university outside the Bologna area, it must also be noted that a weighting of the credits acquired that are not ECTS is carried out by the International Office.
  • In the case of recognition as a substitute, it will be rounded down to 5 ECTS if the foreign module has the same or higher ECTS number. If the foreign module has less than 5 ECTS, it may be necessary to provide additional services at the WFI, the foreign module will be rounded up to 5 ECTS.

Requirement level and content of the service abroad

  • Depending on the content, achievements abroad may be recognized as a substitute, additional lecture in a focus or as an elective module.
  • Eligible events must have a high level of qualification equivalent to the teaching program at WFI.
  • The recognition is carried out as requested: if a substitute application is rejected, no automatic recognition will be given as an additional module in the main or elective subject. The student must apply again.
  • Modules that have once been recognized as a substitute can no longer be recognized as an additional module in the main subject or elective.
  • Courses, which are more than 60% in content according to an event at the LSR, will generally count as substitutes.
  • A recognition of proseminars completed abroad is not possible.

After the stay abroad

Students submit their documents centrally to the International Office after their stay abroad.