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Older Releases "Research"

New publication of the department

Jens Hogreve, Nicola Bilstein and Leonhard Mandl have been accepted for publication in Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. Their article about "Unveiling the recovery time zone of tolerance: when time matters in service recovery" examines the link between recovery time and customer compensation expectations for service failures that cannot be immediately redressed. The article identifies a tolerance zone, in which compensation expectations do not increase. Thus, service provider might use this grace period to proper resolve the customer's issue. The article is available here.

Leonhard Mandl is visiting HEC Montréal

Leonhard Mandl stays at the Department of Service Marketing and Customer Experience of the HEC Montréal from June 12 to 20. In collaboration with Prof. Yany Grégoire, he will work on the joint research project about customer conflict styles in service recovery and collect data from Canadian consumers. This project is funded by the Bavarian Research Alliance.

EMAC 2017 in Groningen

The Department of Service Management attended this year's 46th EMAC Conference 2017 at the University of Groningen. Dr. Nicola Bisltein presented her research project on „How to Acquire New Customers When Online Retailers Are Forced to Non-Disclose Information? The Role of Curiosity” (Co-Author: Dr. Jana Gäthke). More information about the EMAC is provided here.

New publication in Journal of Business Research

Lisa Brüggen, Jens Hogreve, Maria Holmlund, Sertan Kabadayi, and Martin Löfgren have been accepted for publication in Journal of Business Research. Their article about "Financial well-being: A conceptualization and research agenda" aims to consolidate and extend knowledge on financial well-being, its consequences, contextual and personal factors. The article also presents a research agenda to guide future research on financial well-being. The paper is available online.

Winter AMA 2017 in Orlando

The Depatment of Service Managements attents this year's Winter AMA from February 17 till 19. Jens Hogreve and Leonhard Mandl present a poster about a recent research project investigating consumers' co-creating behaviors within brand communities and its impact on post-purchase outcomes. Please find more information here.

Funding by the Bavarian Research Alliance

The Bavarian Research Alliance assists a cooperative research project of the WFI, the University of Alabama (Prof. Thomas Baker), and the HEC Montréal (Prof. Yany Grégoire). In a trinational comparison Prof. Jens Hogreve and Leonhard Mandl investigate consumers' post-recovery experiences in service recovery and adequate compensation types in response to service failures. Please find more information here.

Prof. Hogreve is SIG Track Chair at Summer AMA 2017

The objective of SIG-related Special Sessions is to acquaint marketing educators and researchers with new perspectives, theories, and provocative ideas that further the mission of the SIGs. Prof. Dwayne Gremler and Prof. Jens Hogreve are SIG Track Chairs of SIG Special Session Track about SIG Programming at Summer AMA 2017 in San Francisco. Please find more information here.

New publication in Journal of Marketing

Prof. Dr. Jens Hogreve's, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Anja Iseke's, Dr. Klaus Derfuss' and Dr. Tönnjes Eller's study "The Service-Profit Chain: A Meta-Analytic Test of a Comprehensive Theoretical Framework" has been accepted for publication in Journal of Marketing (VHB-JourQual: A+). The meta-analysis provides the first comprehensive test of the service-profit chain, showing that all the proposed links appear statistically significant and substantial. However, the results vary considerably, partly according to the type of service provided. The study is now available online.

Frontiers in Service Conference 2016 in Bergen

The department of service management was invited to present three contributions at this year's 25th Frontiers in Service Conference in Bergen (Norway). Dr. Nicola Bilstein, Andrea Beierlein as well as Leonhard Mandl also enjoyed the intimate and collegial atmosphere of the doctorial consortium. Within a concurrent session, Nicola Bilstein discussed the role of expectations in co-produced service recovery, Andrea Beierlein presented her conceptual model about B2B-Communities and Leonhard Mandl contributed a new study about conflict behavior in service recovery. More information about the conference is available here.


The DLM chair is presenting several research projects at the 2016 SERVSIG conference (Maastricht). Prof. Hogreve and Prof. Shashi Matta hold a special session on "Money Matters: Consumer Financial Well Being Today and Tomorrow" (co-authors: Wiebke Eberhardt, Elisabeth Brüggen, Thomas Post, Joyce Vonken). Moreover, Prof. Jens Hogreve presents with Werner Kunz "Impact of Interdisciplinary Service Research - A Scientometric Approach". With Nicola Bilstein he contributes „When Time becomes Money in Service Recovery“ (co-author: Leonhard Mandl). Moreover, the research project "Technology in Service: Its Role in Marketing, Operations, and Human Resources" of Kathrin Albrecht will be presented (co-authors: Jay Kandampully, Arne De Keyser, Sarah Küsgen, Linda Nasr, and Tingting Zhang). The conference agenda is available here.

New publications

The last year's workshop in service management session proceedings have been published. Special about this publication is the release within the Journal of Business Market Management. Kathrin Albrecht's ("Understanding the Effects of the Presence of Others in the Service Environment - A Literature Review") and Mirjam Dobmeier's ("Understanding and Managing Service Productivity - A Literature Review") articles are available in the current volume.

Thought Leaders in Service Marketing Strategy Conference

Professor Hogreve will participate in the Thought Leaders in in Service Marketing Strategy Conference, which takes place from Mai 29 to Mai 31 at the HEC Paris in France. The aim of the conference is to bring together leading scholars from Europe, USA, and Australasia to discuss emerging research service marketing strategy in a highly productive environment. Professor Hogreve will give a presentation on a paper coauthored by Leonhard Mandl and Nicola Bilstein: "What Drives Customers’ Recovery Expectations in Service Settings? The Role of Time and Relationship Strength”. More information about the conference is available here.

Meeting of the International Network of Service Researchers

Herr Prof. Dr. Jens Hogreveis is attending this year's meeting of the International Network of Service Researchers in Karlstad (Sveden). From April 27 to 29 several key notes are presented as well as workshops about current issues in service marketing and management are discussed. In this connection, Lisa Brüggen and Prof. Dr. Jens Hogreve will conduct a workshop about "Improving Financial Well-Being".

Workshop Service Marketing 2016

The department of service management is presenting current reserarch at the workshop service marketing in Hohenheim. Andrea Beierlein talks about "B2B Communities", Nicola Bilstein about "Co-Production in Service Recovery Processes" as well as Leonhard Mandl about "Conflict Management in Service Recovery".

Research Funding by the U.S. National Center for the Middle Market

We are very happy about a generous funding by the U.S. National Center for the Middle Market for the collaboration of Ingolstadt and the Fisher College of Business (Ohio State University). In this capacity, the Center provides critical and financial support for the joint research project on "Managing Productivity of Value-Added Services in the Manufacturing Industry: A Comparison of the U.S. Middle Market and the German Mittelstand". More about the NCMM is available here.

AMA Winter Marketing Educators‘ Conference 2016

The DLM chair is presenting at the AMA Winter Marketing Educators‘ Conference 2016 (Las Vegas). On 25th of Feburary 2016 Leonhard Mandl contributes „New versus steady customers - relationship length as moderator of the relation between response time and customers' compensation expectations“ (co-authors: Prof. Dr. Jens Hogreve, Dr. Nicola Bilstein). Moreover, the research project "Member Participation in Commerce-Based Online Communities" of Prof. Dr. Jens Hogreve and Dr. Nicola Bilstein will be presented at the conference (co-authors: Sabine Benoit, Christina Sichtmann). The conference agenda is available here.

Research Presentation at the Florida State University

On Friday January 15th Prof. Jens Hogreve will give a talk at the College of Business of the Florida State University. He will present the results of the current research project "Happy Employees, Happy Customers, Higher Profits? A Meta-Analysis of More Than Two Decades of Service-Profit Chain Research".

Prof. Dr. Hogreve is visiting the OSU

Prof. Dr. Hogreve has been invited to visit the Fisher College of Business, Ohio State University, from 14 October till 4 November 2015. Together with Prof. Shashi Matta he will be working on current research projects focusing healthy food choices and financial wellbeing of consumers. Moreover, the student exchange of the WFI Ingolstadt with the Ohio State University will be discussed.


Prof. Dr. Hogreve is Visiting Scholar at FSU

Prof. Dr. Hogreve has been invited as Visiting Scholar at the Department of Marketing in the College of Business at Florida State University, Tallahassee. During his stay Prof. Hogreve will work on research projects that cover the impact of the digitalization of service processes on customers and employees.

Prof. Dr. Hogreve is member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of Service Research

Prof. Dr. Hogreve has been as been appointed to the Editorial Review Board of the "Journal of Service Research". The Journal of Service research is widely considered the world's leading service research journal. It is a must read to keep up with the latest in service research. JSR features articles by the world's leading service experts, from both academia and the business world. You will find more information on the journal here:

New Publication in the Journal of Services Marketing

Lerzan Aksoy, Jens Hogreve, Bart Larivière, Andrea Ordanini, and Chiara Orsingher recently published a conceptual piece on relative measures in service research. The article and its abstract is available here:

Funding of the Centre de Coopération Universitaire Franco-Bavarois

We totally appreciate the funding of our research collaboration with the Université Toulouse Capitole. The focus of joint research projects lies within the topic area of "Customer Engagement in the service industry".

New Publication

In the current special Edition of Schmalenbachs Zeitschrift für betriebswirtschaftliche Forschung, Prof. Dr. Jens Hogreve and Mirjam Velleuer analyze Industrial Service Networks and identify management implications to succesfully manage service networks in an induustrial context. The journal can be found here.

Workshop Servicemarketing 2015 at the FU Berlin

At the last weekend of February many professors, graduated and doctorands of Marketing and Service Management met for a joint workshop in Berlin. The chair DLM featured two contributions. Mirjam Velleur presented the current status of her research on service productivity in industrial businesses. Kathrin Albrecht introduced her study on bystander in social media settings. We are grateful for the constructive discussion and interesting as well as inspiring subscriptions.

Prof. Dr. Hogreve in the Editorial Advisory Board of the "Journal of Service Management"

Prof. Dr. Hogreve has been apointed to the Editorial Advisory Board of the "Journal of Service Management" . Detailed information on the journal, its content and the Editorial Board can be found on the publishers homepage:

AMA Winter Marketing Educators‘ Conference 2015

The DLM chair is with two contributions represented at the AMA Winter Marketing Educators‘ Conference 2015 in San Antonio. On 14th of Feburary 2015 Mirjam Velleur presents the contribution „A Different Perspective on Service Productivity in Manufacturing Firms“ (Co-autors: Prof. Dr. Jens Hogreve, Prof. Dr. Alexander Hübner). On Sunday, the 15th of February 2015, Prof. Dr. Jens Hogreve will give a lecture on the topic „Unintended Effects of Customer Participation in Recovery – Can Choice Availability be a Remedy?” (Co-autors: Dr. Nicola Bilstein, Prof. Dr. Shashi Matta).

New publication at the DLM chair

Die Unternehmung | Cover

Prof. Dr. Jens Hogreve and Richard Wonner analyze in the actual edition of "Die Unternehmung" the importance of implicated knowledge on consumer behavior of industrial services. The edition can be found here.