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  • Structure & Content

    For structure and content until spring 2017 refer to this page.

    The standard period of study for the bachelor program at the WFI amounts to 6 semesters (3 years). Altogether 180 ECTS must be obtained for the Bachelor of Science. In the first three semesters there are 80 ECTS to be reached in the so-called mandatory area and further 90 ECTS in the compulsory elective area in the following three semesters. Finally one obtains another 10 ECTS in the frame of the bachelor’s thesis.

    Mandatory area

    In the first three semesters the students of the WFI gain the basic knowledge of business administration. In this connection topics of business administration, economics, legislation, quantitative methods and business languages are covered. These modules add up to 90 ECTS (80 ECTS mandatory modules + 10 ECTS compulsory electives).


     Compulsory elective area

    The compulsory elective modules from the 4th semester add up to 80 ECTS. They are supposed to give the students the opportunity to specialize in one of five core themes and further to adjust the module selection.



    Starting with the fourth semester, students get the opportunity to specialize in the following major fields of study:

    • Business and Psychology
    • Management and Marketing
    • Financial Management
    • Business & Economics
    • Supply Chain & Information Management

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    Furthermore, there are elective courses, from which students can choose for their minor: 

    • Business Languages
    • Business Ethics
    • Quantitative Methods and Digitalisation
    • Economics

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