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  • What to expect?

    Your Studies

    If you decide to start your Bachelor’s degree at WFI, you will be part of an intensive study program of Business Administration. The program covers six semesters and a workload of 180 ECTS credits. After successful graduation, students earn the “Bachelor of Science” degree.

    After graduating at WFI you will have excellent career opportunities and can choose from a wide range of potential jobs. This is because as a graduate in Business Administration you do not only focus on specific companies and areas, but you learn to study them from a holistic point of view.

    You are not sure yet if a program in Business Administration is the right choice for you?

    If you are enthusiastic about economic issues, are good with numbers and would like to understand how companies work and can be managed successfully, WFI is the right choice for you. We recommend that you already have a thorough knowledge of English because the majority of the literature is in English and some lectures will be taught in English. Good communication skills, the ability to work in a team and determination will help to complete your studies successfully because many modules are interactive, and students can demonstrate their knowledge in group works and presentations.

    WFI offers freshmen preparatory (non-credit) courses in mathematics before the start of the winter term to prepare them in the best possible way for their studies at WFI.

    In the first three semesters, Bachelor students at WFI gain the basic knowledge of business administration: topics of business administration, economics, law, quantitative methods and business ethics are covered. Starting with the fourth semester, students get the opportunity to specialize in the following major fields of study: Business & Psychology, Management & Marketing, Financial Management, Business & Economics and Supply Chain & Information Management. Furthermore, students have the option of taking another specialization as a minor or choosing elective courses freely.

    The bachelor program at WFI has a strong international orientation. Students have the opportunity to spend up to two semesters abroad and can gain valuable experiences in an international environment.

    Reasons to study at WFI