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  • What to expect?

    Business Analytics & Operations Research (BA&OR)

    The master program in Business Analytics & Operations Research (BA&OR) (former "Management Science") offers a highly topical, outstanding and modern study program in the fields of quantitative business administration, data analytics and information processing.

    You will gain skills for mastering the increasing complexity and ongoing digitalization in the actual business environment. These include modern methods and approaches from the areas of “Business Analytics” and “Operations Research”. These concepts are strongly required when analyzing, planning and optimizing business problems as well as decision making in diverse business areas.

    A specialization in various areas of business administration is possible during your studies. You can specialize in Marketing, Finance, Digitalization and Information Systems, Supply Chain Management, Production and/or Logistics, and learn how to apply these methods and approaches in business practice.

    WFI Master specialization Business Analytics & Operations Research

    You will find additional information on the following web pages: Business Analytics & Operations Research: Business Analytics & Operations Research

    Note: The master program "Management Science" will be now denoted as “Business Analytics & Operations Research” (BA&OR) since we recently redesigned the program. Not all notations could be updated yet. Thus, the notations “Management Science" and “Business Analytics & Operations Research” (BA&OR) refer to the same study program on all web pages.