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  • Structure & Content - BA FACT (M.Sc.)


    The master specialization's main focus FACT contains the areas finance, accounting, controlling and taxation in combination with economic law. Students can focus hereby relatively wide on several areas or aim for two specific branches.

    FACT opens up excellent job opportunities, because its themes take up central roles in every company. Therefore the specialization's main focus excellently qualifies students for all branches, especially for working at internationally active banks and other finance services, company consulting as well as taxation consulting and economic proofing associations. Beyond this, students achieve an optimal premise to qualify scientifically in line with a doctoral study if interested.

    FACT combines a high scientific standard with consequent praxis orientation. Besides comprehensive offers of events in every area of expertise (divided in Mandatory and M.a.c.e.m), the elective block combines manifold additional offers, like events from areas of statistic and economics. An integral part of every master area is a mandatory module in ethics. Every course is designed in that way, that concepts complement optimal regarding the master’s study path. Thereby, students get a high class, effective and networked study.

    Target groups of the expertise in FACT are graduates of a bachelor studies in BA, economics, business management, business informatics, business engineering, or comparative study paths, in which they can add and deepen their current profession and methods.


    The Master study comprises four semesters and requires the acquisition of the Bachelor's degree. Students are awarded the Master of Science (M.Sc.) in business administration after successful completion.

    In the Master specialization FACT, students need to earn 120 ECTS credits, of which 90 ECTS credits are mandatory, compulsory elective and elective modules (each course provides five ECTS points). 30 ECTS credits will be are assigned for the master thesis.

    In the course specialisation FACT several branches exist. Six mandatory modules provide the interdisciplinary basis. Moreover a mandatory module in ethics needs to be chosen. In addition, students have to choose compulsory elective modules of the professional discipline of FACT, which account for 35 ECTS credits in total. In addition, five elective modules (25 ECTS credits) from all WFI-master specializations (MARKT, Business Analytics & Social Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation) or from a semester abroad can be chosen freely. As students are at liberty to choose from the subject areas in more than two thirds of their modules, they can build an individualized study program adjusted to their own interests.