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  • Philosophy

    The Master's study program of business administration of the WFI is addressed to students

    • with a business administration or related Bachelor’s degree
    • with high motivation, efficiency and willingness
    • who aim for a career as a specialist or in management after their graduation as a Master of Science

    The Master’s study program offers the chance to deepen and extend the acquired knowledge sensible in the study and, if applicable, additional professional practice. Besides, mandatory modules provide an interdisciplinary foundation. Here, the characteristic is formed by taking at least one course from the ethics offerings of the solidly anchored curriculum. The varied options permit individual focus on one or several branches. Thus, students can design their Master's course of study according to their individual preferences.

    The Master's program was conceived as compulsory and stringent concerning the contents of the following objectives:

    • In their course of study, students acquire excellent expertise at a high university level.
    • Students learn to connect scientific rigor with practically oriented thinking.
    • Students are prepared comprehensively for entrepreneurial executive functions.
    • Students perfect their personal and social competence. Students reflect ethical and social implications of entrepreneurial decisions.

    By studying at the Ingolstadt WFI, students get permanent comparative advantages over their competitors.


    However, studies at the WFI should not be restricted to learning. Most students are involved in various student organisations, where they develop their soft skills with a lasting effect.

    Student Organisations at WFI

    Practical relevance

    Studying at the WFI offers numerous opportunities to transfer theoretical knowledge to practice. Cooperation with leading companies from different business sectors provides our students the best perspectives for internships and starting positions in Germany and abroad. Moreover, the school’s own career fair “Company Day” and recruiting events as well as company presentations and workshops offer the perfect chance to network.

    Business Cooperations at WFI


    Students of international business administration get the unique opportunity to study at the renowned business school Toulouse School of Management for two semesters / trimesters. In this context they have the chance to upgrade their education regarding business, intercultural and linguistic aspects. Therefore they create excellent conditions for an entry in international management.

    Toulouse School of Management