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  • Structure & Content - BA MARKT (M.Sc.)


    The course specialisation MARKET is directed to students who are interested in the business part of management oriented to market. The central areas of expertise of this course specialisation are business management, marketing and service, international management as well as operations and methods. Furthermore, it is feasible to deepen well-selected branch-specifical questions.

    A wide and varied offer of events in the electoral area rounds off the studies main focus MARKET in form and content.

    The course specialisation MARKET combines the highest scientific ambition with consistent practise orientation. Through integration of different management-relevant perspectives and "real life business cases" the students learn to think and act interdisciplinary.

    The development and support of personal and social competence are located in the centre of interactive courses, group works and presentations. In addition the analysis of ethical dimension of business management decisions are processed. The students are prepared by this sophisticated study concept comprehensively for the acquisition of executive functions in the national and international context.


    The Master study comprises four semesters and requires the acquisition of the Bachelor's degree. Students are awarded the Master of Science (M.Sc.) in business administration after successful completion.

    In the Master specialization MARKT, students need to earn 120 ECTS credits, of which 90 ECTS credits are mandatory, compulsory elective and elective modules (each course provides five ECTS points). 30 ECTS credits will be are assigned for the master thesis.

    The course specialization MARKT comprises several fields of subject areas. Six mandatory modules provide the interdisciplinary basis. Moreover, a mandatory module in ethics needs to be chosen. In addition, students have to choose compulsory elective modules of the professional discipline of MARKT, which account for to 35 ECTS credits in total. In addition, five elective modules (25 ECTS credits) from all WFI-master specializations (MARKT, FACT, Business Analytics & Operations Research, Entrepreneurship & Social Innovation) or from a semester abroad can be chosen freely. As students are at liberty to choose from the subject areas in more than two thirds of their modules, they can build an individualized study program adjusted to their own interests.