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Certificate of attendance

  • The certificate of attendance needs to be submitted along with the dissertation application. 

    The form "Module certificate" should be used as certificate of attendance in the fields "methods" and "key qualifications". Please find this form under the menu item 'Download.'

    The amount of ECTS points needs to be displayed on the attendance certificate.

    Information on the creditable ECTS points per module are displayed under "Structure and content", subsection "ECTS per module"

    Please use the form "Conference Certificate" for modules in the field "Conferences". Please find the form under the menu item 'Download.' 

    Furthermore, the submitted paper or abstract, and the "accept" certificate by the conference provider need to be submitted.

    When you apply for your dissertation, you have to approve overall successful completions of the doctoral program. For this purpose, please list all modules completed in the form "Approval of doctoral program – overall" (menu item 'Download). This information will also appear on your Diploma Supplement.