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Further Modules

  • Besides the courses mentioned on the White List, there are different modules offered by external institutions (e.g., other faculties, universities, research institutions, associations), which may be applicable if one can identify them as relevant in a field of the WFI-doctoral study and valuable for doctoral education.

    For these modules, you generally need to file an application of recognition prior to participation (form "Approval of Modules"). You can find this form under the menu item 'Downloads'. The number of ECTS points must be mentioned on a proof of attendance. You can find advices on the credited ECTS per module under the menu item 'Structure and content' and 'ECTS per module.' Some institutions and exemplary modules, which were offered in the past, are listed below.

    On the listed websites, you can inform yourself of the current offer. German Academic Association for Business Research.


    Verband der Hochschullehrer für Betriebswirtschaft e.V.

    Module (field of WFI-doctoral. program):


    Module (field of WFI-doctoral program): 

    GPOM (Graduate Program in Operations Management) – joint doctoral program of the TU Munich, University of Augsburg and WFI in the field of Operation Management

    Module (field of WFI-doctoral program):

    • Supply network planning in the process industries (methods) 

    • Discrete Optimization (methods) 

    • Advanced Planning (methods) 

    • Auctions and Market Design (methods) 

    • Information:


    BGPE (Bavarian Graduate Program in Economics) – Joint doctoral program of Bavarian Universities (for doctoral candidates in Economics)

    • Advances Microeconomics (Methods) 

    • Advances Macroeconomics (Methods) 

    • Empirical Trade and Regional Economics (Methods) 

    • Migration Economics (Methods) 

    • Advanced Econometrics (Methods) 

    • Academic Writing (Methods) 

    • Informationen: